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MS500 Sliding Table Saw

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Versatile Circular Table Saw with Panel Saw Features
The Wood-Mizer MS500 is a compact and precise table saw with easy adjustments and scoring blade.
  • 2 Circular Blades. 1 Adjustable Blade.
Description MS500 Sliding Table Saw

In cooperation between Wood-Mizer engineers and experienced carpenters, the MS500 circular table saw has been developed to match the everyday needs of small and medium woodworking shops to cut various fiberboards and solid wood.

The Wood-Mizer MS500 table saw features an efficient cutting unit shielded in a cast iron body, a scoring blade, and a sliding table built on guide rollers. It is an alternative for larger panel saws with full-size sliding aluminum tables. The MS500 is ideal for cutting medium-sized boards – maximum cutting dimensions 1300 x 1260 mm.

The MS500 is a compact table saw with an easy adjustment of cutting parameters, in which the main blade’s height and angle are controlled by hand cranks featuring gauges for precise adjustments. The exact cutting width is displayed on analog indicator with a magnifying glass along perpendicular guide. Optional electronic readouts for ultra-precise measurements up to 0,1 mm are available.

The MS500 table saw features a quality sliding mechanism for easy parallel and perpendicular positioning of the material on the worktable and efficient cutting. The support table increases stability while working with a demanding material.

The scoring blade is a solution designed for full-size panel saws for neat and precise material cutting. To replace the main circular blade or remove the scoring blade, you can unscrew the top cover and open a small magnet plate to quickly access the main blade. The scoring blade height is adjustable and can be conveniently lowered underneath the machine if it is not needed.

Inside the MS500 is a circular blade with a maximum 400 mm diameter running at either 3500 or 4500 rpm, which can be adjusted manually by switching the drive belt between the pulleys at the spindle.

The main blade, driven with a 6 kW motor, and the scoring blade, with a 0,75 kW motor, are set up in a cast iron cutting unit which can move up for height adjustment or tilt to change the cutting angle (0-45 deg). The cast iron worktable rests on four bolts that allow for precise leveling.

The cast iron used for the production of the MS500 is sourced exclusively from renowned suppliers. It allows for stable and durable heavy-duty work while increasing resistance to deformations and vibrations.

For safe and comfortable work, the MS500 table saw has a main blade guard with attached wheels for easy material feeding, as well as a lifting mechanism. The safety shield also allows for effective cutting at 45-degree angles.

The efficient removal of sawdust and woodchips is possible with the main 125 mm outlet located directly at the cutting unit and the additional 100 mm outlet on the blade guard arm.

The operator panel consists of the main and scoring blade switches, LED indicators for the blade speed, and the emergency stop button.

The MS500 table saw has been designed by European engineers and is manufactured entirely from quality materials in European factories. The design and advanced production process guarantee a trouble-free operation for many years.

The Wood-Mizer MS500 table saw is delivered with a 2-year warranty and comprehensive technical support from Wood-Mizer Customer Service specialists.

Dimensions MS500 Sliding Table Saw
MS500 Sliding Table Saw Dimensions
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Features MS500 Sliding Table Saw

Specifications MS500 Sliding Table Saw
Cutting Capacities
Cutting Height 0° 0-90 mm for ⌀300 mm
0-97.5 mm for ⌀315 mm
5-115 mm for ⌀350 mm
30-130 mm for ⌀400 mm
Cutting Height 45° 0-60 mm for ⌀300 mm
0-62.5 mm for ⌀315 mm
3.5-80 mm for ⌀350 mm
21.5-98 mm for ⌀400 mm
Blade Tilt 0-45°
Crosscut Fence Stops 82-2500 mm
Ripping Capacity 1260 mm
Max. Cutting Length 1300 mm
Max. Cutting Length with Sliding Table 1300 mm
Main Saw
Main Motor 6 kW
Main Blade Diameter 300-400 mm
Main Spindle Diameter 30 mm
Main Spindle Rotation Speed 3500 rpm
4500 rpm
Scoring Saw
Scoring Motor 0.75 kW
Scoring Blade Diameter 120-125 mm
Scoring Spindle Diameter 20 mm
Scoring Spindle Rotation Speed 8000 rpm
Dimensions and Weight
Table Extensions 700x400 mm (ripping)
440x900 mm (crosscutting)
Table Height 890 mm
Length 3200 mm
Width 2200 mm
Height 1450 mm
Weight 700 kg
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