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18.6kW electric hydraulic sawmill 950mm log diameter hydraulic sawmill 730mm width of cut hydraulic sawmill 20'2

The LT70 HEAVY DUTY sawmill is a perfect combination of two sawmill features - the sawing head from the LT70 sawmill and the heavy-duty bed from the WM4000 sawmill.

  • 2 Circular Blades. 1 Adjustable Blade.
Description LT70 HEAVY DUTY Sawmill

The LT70 HEAVY DUTY sawmill was designed by combining the best features of the LT70 model - popular and proven for its sawing head, and the industrial WM4000 - recognized for its heavy-duty bed with Super Hydraulic log handling functions. In this high-production sawmill configuration, timber processing reaches a higher industrial-level of production efficiency and retains the ease of operation of a professional sawmill.

The cutting head is designed to saw logs up to 95 cm in diameter and offers a maximum 73 cm board width (64 cm cant width) and 39 cm depth of cut. The standard blades used in the LT70 HEAVY DUTY are 38-50 mm wide and 4670 mm long blades. The head features the Electric Blade Guide Arm for securing the blade during sawing through different sizes of logs and the Automatic Blade Lubrication for improved blade performance.

The saw head can be optionally fitted with a debarker – for removing dirt and keeping the blades sharp longer, Laser Sight – showing the precise location where the blade will cut the log next, or Board Return Arms – for transferring freshly sawn boards from the top of the log to the conveyor.

From the Remote Operator Station the sawyer controls the sawing head precisely and comfortably up/down and forward/reverse with variable speed controls. Board thickness is set up only once and the SW10 Setworks, PLC1, PLC2, or Accuset 2 takes care of resetting the head to its starting position automatically after each pass.

The HEAVY DUTY sawmills are built on a large and strong bed complete with a board removal conveyor, absorption roller and the operator’s station. For easy handling of logs as heavy as about 3 tons, the sawmiller has a Super Hydraulics Package that is powered by a heavy-duty 5.5 kW hydraulic pump and includes a log levelling roller, 3 double vertical supports, 2 power rollers on 2 cylinders, a bi-directional chain turner and a central clamp on two rods. The bed configuration can be upgraded by options such as another bed section (0.9 or 3.6 m) for handling longer logs, log-loading deck, sorting table or raised legs of the bed.

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Specifications LT70 HEAVY DUTY Sawmill
Power 18.5 kW Electric
22 kW Electric
Cutting Capacity
Max. Log Diameter 95 cm
Max. Width of Cut 73 cm
Max. Cant Width 64 cm
Max. Depth of Cut 39 cm
Head Features and Options
Setworks SW10
SW PLC1 (for AC models)
SW PLC2 (for AC models)
Accuset2 (for AC and DC models)
Head Up/Down Electric
Head Forward/Reverse Electric
Blade Guide Arm Electric
Blade Lubrication LubeMizer
Blade Tension System Hydraulic with Airbag
Debarker Optional
Additional Options Laser Sight
Remote Operation Station (Cable Cat Track or Curtain)
Roller, Double Block Blade Guide
Length 4670 mm
Width 38 mm
50 mm
Blade Wheels
Blade Wheel Diameter 600 mm
Blade Wheel Type Belted
Blade Wheel Material Cast Iron
Bed Features and Options
Bed Construction Monorail
Bed Extensions Bed Extension: 0.9 m or 3.6 m
Bed Features Board Removal Conveyor
Absorption Roller
Log Handling
SUPER Hydraulic Chain Turner
Central Clamp on Two Rods
Power Roller with Two Cylinders
Log Loader
3 Double Vertical Supports
Sawmill Features and Options
Frame Construction Cantilever
Standards CE
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