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LT35 Portable Sawmill

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High-Production Manual Portable Sawmill with SimpleSet Powered Head Controls

18.6kW petrol sawmill 17.9kW diesel sawmill 812mm log diameter sawmill660mm width of cut sawmill 6.4m log length sawmill

High-performing manual portable sawmill featuring a single axle trailer with patented cantilever design, powered saw head controls with setworks, and optional debarker.

Description LT35 Portable Sawmill

Combining easy-to-use powered saw head controls (forward/reverse & up/down) with SimpleSet Setworks and manual log handling, the LT35 portable sawmill is a high performing manual sawmill with the option to upgrade to hydraulic log handling (loading arms and claw log turner) down the road. Available as a separate sawmill, the LT35 hydraulic portable sawmill includes full hydraulic log handling (loading arms, toeboards, claw log turner, log clamp, and two side supports)  at the time of purchase.

The LT35 is completely portable and ready for road travel with a standard single axle trailer and electric brakes. Six adjustable outriggers allow for quick set-up and simple leveling of the bed prior to sawing. The patented cantilever open side of the LT35 sawhead allows for minimal leveling during set-up, easy off-bearing with the trapezoid shaped bed, and sawing of odd shaped logs.


Logs are loaded and turned manually with a cant hook. An optional log deck package includes a manual winch, log turner, and toeboards to assist with loading, turning, and leveling logs on the bed. In addition, an optional hydraulic log loading arm kit with loading arms and claw log turner converts the LT35 into a sawmill with hydraulic log handling. Once loaded, logs are secured by four side supports and one fully adjustable log clamp that tightly clamp the log and allow for cuts within 25 mm of the bed. With powered up/down, the saw head height is precisely positioned for each cut. Once the blade guide arm is adjusted for the cut, the blade is engaged and saws through the log by the powered saw head forward/reverse controls. SimpleSet setworks saves two pre-set board thicknesses to quickly and accurately control blade height while referencing from the previous cut. Turned on and off with a manual valve, the gravity fed lubrication is applied directly to the blade to keep them clean and free of pitch and sawdust build-up. An optional debarker removes dirt and bark from the blade path to keep blades sharp longer. Once the cut is completed, the saw head is raised and reversed by the powered saw head controls and positioned for the next cut.


  • 81.3cm max log diameter with 53.3cm max width of cut and 6.4m length of cut
  • Powered saw head up/down & forward/reverse
  • SimpleSet Setworks allows two pre-set board thicknesses to quickly and accurately control blade height while referencing from the previous cut
  • Standard trailer with patented cantilever design and trapezoid shaped bed

Popular Options

  • Debarker removes dirt and bark from the blade path for longer blade life
  • Log deck package with manual winch, log turner, and toeboards assists with log handling
  • Hydraulic log loading arm kit with loading arms and claw log turner converts the LT35 manual into a sawmill with hydraulic log handling 
  • Fine-adjustment outriggers for precise bed adjustment on uneven setups

The LT35 portable sawmill comes fully assembled with one Wood-Mizer sawmill blade. Free one-on-one sawmill training by an experienced service representative is included during your Wood-Mizer location pick up or home delivery. The LT35 is backed by the same level of service, quality and safety features shared by the entire family of Wood-Mizer wood processing equipment.

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Features LT35 Portable Sawmill

Specifications LT35 Portable Sawmill
Power Selections 17.9kW (24HP) diesel
18.6kW (25HP) petrol
15 Hp (11kW) 400/460 V 3-Phase Electric
Cutting Capacity
Max Width of Cut 66cm (26")
Max Log Diameter 81cm (32")
Max Cant Width 57cm (22 1/2")
Production Rate up to .88m³/hr (375 bd ft/hr)
Max Depth of Cut 26cm (10 1/2")
Max Log Length (with extensions) 13.7m (45')
Log Weight 1,996kg (4,400lbs)
Blade Length 4,010mm (158'')
Blade Guides Style Roller Guides
Blade Lubrication System 18 L (5 Gal.) Water Tank with On/Off Valve
Blade Tension System Cam Easy Tension Handle
Blade Thickness 1mm (.042'')
Blade Width 32mm (1 1/4'')
Blade Guides Size 31.75mm (1 1/4")
38.10mm (1 1/2")
Blade Wheels
Blade Wheel Diameter 483mm (19")
Blade Wheel Type Belted Blade Wheels
Head Features and Options
Operator Location Walk Along Electric Feed
Setworks SimpleSet Setworks
Head Up/Down Electric
Blade Engagement Manual Lever
Blade Guide Arm Adjusted with Manual Lever
Debarker Optional
Board Removal N/A
Bed Features and Options
Side Supports 4 Adjustable Side Supports
Log Leveling Manual Leveling Rollers (Optional)
Log Turning Manual
Log Turner (Optional)
Log Loading Manual
Manual Loading Arms
Trailer Package Standard
Log Clamping 1 Adjustable Log Clamp
Additional Bed Options Resaw Attachment
Shingle & Lapsider Attachment
LatheMizer Attachment
Log Deck Package
Fine Adjustment Outriggers
1.83m, 3.7m, or 7.4m (6', 12', or 24') Bed Extensions
Machine Dimensions and Requirements
Bed Construction Monorail
Frame Construction Cantilever
Mobility Mobile
Trailer Hitch Size 50mm (2")
Delivery Methods Pick-Up
Weight (heaviest power option) 1,398kg (3,081lbs)
Length 8m (26' 2")
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