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HR1000 Horizontal Resaw

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Complete, High-end Resaw

High-end, modular multi-head horizontal band resaw with steel belt conveyor, spiked feed rollers, optional merry-go-round, and 305mm x 305mm cant capacity. Configurable from one to six heads.

Description HR1000 Horizontal Resaw

Choose from one to six heads on this high-end resaw with potential to produce up to seven boards at once. This machine easily integrates into existing systems and has a small footprint so you can maximize your space. The powered hold-down rollers ensure tight tolerances for the most precise requirements. An optional Merry-Go-Round (MGR) system can be added to automate the entire process of breaking down larger cants.


  • Productive - saws up to seven boards in one pass using thin-kerf technology.
  • Tough - tackles any species from frozen to kiln dried.
  • Accurate - Steel track conveyor keeps cuts accurate.
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Features HR1000 Horizontal Resaw
Specifications HR1000 Horizontal Resaw
Power Selections
Power Selections 18.6kW (25HP) electric / per head
Cutting Capacities
Max Cant Height 305mm (12")
Max Cant Length varies
Blade Length 5.2m (205")
Blade Guides Style Roller
Blade Lubrication System On-location Water Supply
Optional Water Tank for each 2-head module
Blade Tension System Hydraulic Blade Tensioner Assembly
Blade Wheel Diameter 863mm (34")
Blade Wheel Type Belted Cast Steel
Blade Thickness 0.89mm (0.035")
1.07 mm (0.042")
1.14mm (.045")
Blade Width 32mm (1 1/4'')
25.4mm (1")
Head Features & Options
Head Up/Down Manual
Number of available cutting heads 1-6
Head Configuration Horizontal
Feed System & Operation
Feed Speed 0-30m/min (0-100 Ft/Min)
Feed System Spikey Chain Bed
Material Hold-down Spiked Powered Feed Rollers with pneumatic lift
Machine Dimensions & Requirements
Normal Power Usage 1 head 40 Amp (15 kW motor)
2 heads 75 Amp (15 kW motor)
3 heads 105 Amp (15 kW motor)
4 heads 140 Amp (15 kW motor)
5 heads 170 Amp (15 kW motor)
6 heads 200 Amp (15 kW motor)
Sawdust collection port diameter 162mm (6 3/4")
Shop Air Supply 80 - 125psi @ 5cfm
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